Tips to get more light in the morning and less at night

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Tips on getting more light in the morning

  1. Use a lamp
    Right when your alarm goes off, turn on a lamp near you. This will make staying awake easier.
  2. Get a wake-up light
    This will stimulate natural sunlight. Here is a good option.
  3. Get real sunlight
    Open your curtains even just a tiny bit the night before. The natural sun will make a huge difference to help you wake up. A bonus: seeing the sunrise!

Tips on how to keep your last few hours of the day dark

  1. Use a blue light blocking software for your phone, computer, and tablet, which will reduce the blue light emitted from the screen when the sun starts to set.
    For your phone and tablet, the latest iOS and Android versions have these settings built in called ‘Night Shift’ under the ‘Display & Brightness’ setting on the iPhone. There are also apps such as Redshift and Twilight. For a laptop, the is f.lux.
  2. Avoid using your phone, tablet or laptop in the bedroom, especially for email, social media, and watching/streaming TV.
  3. Close the curtains ~ 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  4. Use dimmable light for organ light bulbs in the evening.