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Jet lag: Why does it happen and what you can do about it

What is jet lag? Jet lag disrupts your body clock because of the rapid shift to a new time zone. It occurs because your body cannot immediately shift to a new time zone, and your body clock requires some time to adjust. During this time, the symptoms of jet lag can make you feel drowsy during the…


Staying cool in the summer heat!

Staying cool is another big challenge in the summer. Your core body temperature needs to decrease in the evening in order for you to fall asleep and stay asleep comfortably. Tips to help you stay cool Exercise raises your core body temperature, so exercise at least three hours before bed. Try exercising in the morning or…


Tips to get more light in the morning and less at night

Use a lamp Right when your alarm goes off, turn on a lamp near you. This will make staying awake easier. Get a wake-up light This will stimulate natural sunlight. Here is a good option. Get real sunlight Open your curtains even just a tiny bit the night before. The natural sun will make a huge difference to help you wake up. A bonus: seeing the…

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