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Tailormade sleep solutions for your employees

Online sleep assessment

Kickstart the awareness process by discovering sleep patterns, revealing dysfunctional sleep habits and learning how sleep affects energy and work engagement

Tailored sleep

Receive practical advice based on the insights from the online assessment. 2-3 hour (up to full day) workshops or webinars also covering educational topics and interactive exercises

Get a glimpse into the workshop here

Get a glimpse into our TED-style talks here

TED-style talks

Inspire larger audiences with a TED-style talk from Dr. van der Helm or other sleep experts from our team. Also, useful in case of shorter timeframes. Talks include sleep science, consequences of deprivation, and a Q&A session

Follow-Up Coaching

Firmly embed the sleep insights and practices into your organization through one-on-one or group coaching, in person or via Skype/video

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Results of our clients after the Shleep program

Very efficient workshop that will change the way you think about sleep, but also how you treat your body to achieve more.